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3 Steps to Foster the Creditworthiness of Your Business

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Posted on: 04/06/18

Whether you admire or detest the idea of a business loan, if you have a business youíll face the need at least once in life. Therefore, itís always better to keep the creditworthiness in a healthy state to avoid credit request rejection when the need prevails. So, if you realize the vitality of the above-shared argument, here are a few things you can do to foster your creditworthiness.


Manage a cash flow budget: Cash flow budget helps you to continue your daily business operations without any glitches. However, business is a game of odds and payment delays are a frequent thing. The cash flow can fluctuate up and down from the standard point without prior realization, and at this point having a flexible line of credit can turn out as a blessing in disguise. So, if you know your business is subject to suffer from market variations, maintain a backup with a flexible line of credit.

Find the best prospect: Whenever in need of business finance, itís always sensible to do some research and borrow from the most eligible lenders, and for the most practically profitable scheme.

Pay your debts on time: Paying your debts on time keeps your credit history neat and clean, improving your credit score in the process. Furthermore, it becomes a convincing catalyst at times you apply for a business loan.

Bottom line: Whenever you need money, borrow only from authorized banks and NBFCs. Donít borrow from unauthorized sources like landlords and private money lenders. They lack a code of conduct and can use all sorts of possible options to retract their money. Furthermore, borrowing from these sources puts you under obligation to pay a higher interest rate than usual, and becomes the reason for sleepless nights.

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