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Financial Habits of Successful Business Women

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Posted on: 03/23/18

When it comes to entrepreneurship, even Indian women's aren't lagging behind. According to an article by The Wire in 2017, 14% of businesses in India are owned and managed by women. Though we rank at no 29 out of 31 countries according to Global Women Entrepreneurs Leader report, yet we have fared well so far compared to the preceding conditions.

Now, the successful women’s behind these 14% businesses in India may have had a different personality, different struggles, and different solutions to overcome problems in the journey. But, there was one thing common among all these inspiring women’s: the persistent attitude, the will to do something and make it big in life. And in their endeavour, these women’s were supported by similar financial habits which gave them an upper hand on financial problems. The common financial habits of these successful women are:

1. Far-sighted financial planning

The golden rule to achieve success: Either you have a great Idea or a great business plan. Every successful woman is far-sighted and plans for their long-term financial problems beforehand. They create a financial framework which includes bulk investment in savings schemes for long-term financial goals, and suitable loan for women for business to meet their big-budget business expenses.

2. Efficient time-management

“Time is money” some people just believe it, whereas others implement it in their life. The renowned women entrepreneurs like Indu Jain (the Chairperson of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd), Vandana Luthra (the owner of VLCC), and Ekta Kapoor (the creative head of Balaji Telefilms) have one thing in common, they manage their time efficiently.

Bottom line: No one is born an entrepreneur, they become so after putting a lot of efforts and overcoming a lot of struggles.



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