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Comprehensive Guide for Availing a Loan for Service-based Businesses

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Posted on: 01/04/18

Business loans are short-term loans meant to fulfill any financial crunch, especially in case of working capital. These loans can be availed by all eligible enterprises which also include those providing services. The primary sources of this loan are banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).

It has been observed quite often that some business enterprises find it difficult to acquire finance. This could be due to many factors that can affect eligibility for a business loan from a particular lending institution. If you are looking for a suitable business loan for service based enterprise, you need to consider the following:

Cost of Borrowing

Based on the type of loan, the cost of borrowing may vary, with unsecured loans having a higher rate of interest when compared to a secured loan.

Applying for the Right Amount from the Right Lender

When looking for prospective lending institutions, make sure to approach those institutions which are more likely to approve your business loan application. You also need to determine the loan amount you need to borrow as per your needs and business turnover.

Additional Finance Options

In addition to business loans, there are equipment loans, business line of credit, working capital loans and professional loans- depending on your need, you should go for the most appropriate option.

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